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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2019 07:34:54 -0700
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Hello Everyone,

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing has special significance for many people and
to commemorate the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Jim combined many of his
artistic and technical talents to create something very special. It's
taken over 2 years for this project to become a finished reality and
only 45 numbered limited edition tiles were made.

The 3D ceramic tile pictures the iconic image of Buzz Aldrin walking on
the Moon taken by Neil Armstrong. The tile also has a rectangular area
containing Buzz Aldrin?s famous boot print and the glaze used in this
area contains 200mg of NWA 11273 lunar meteorite dust. The edge borders
are overglazed in 22K gold symbolizing the golden anniversary of
Mankind?s first steps on the Moon. Each tile required about twenty or so
steps in their creation that had to be executed exactly the same for
each tile. The personal touch applied to each tile combined with the
heat from the kiln gives each tile it?s own unique character.

Read the how they're made here -->

Purchase here -->


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