[meteorite-list] Ad: Great deals on a variety of specimens (AD 11/12)

From: Bigjohn Shea <bigjohnshea_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 18:00:26 +0200
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Dear Fellow Collectors,

Available today at exceptional prices are some lovely specimens of meteorites, each one begging to be added to your collection. ? Many will come with prior provenance (as indicted below) along with my own provenance.

Contact me for additional photos.

Shipping is 8$ Priority domestic USA, $13 first class international to Canada and Europe, $18 first class international elsewhere in the world.
Available specimens:
Sacramento Wash 001, Arizona, 12.5g full slice, H4 = $20

NWA 5400, 1.724g part slice, Ungrouped achondrite (the Earth-related meteorite), w/ Hupe provenance = $30

Dar El Kahal, Mali, 8.69g full slice, H5-6 with Big Kahuna provenance = $25

Aiquile, Bolivia, 6.37g fragment with minimal crust and dirt from impact, Michael Farmer provenance = $45

NWA 10274, 12g full slice, L5 with a massive shock vein = $40

Gold Basin, Arizona, 7.12g full slice, L4 = $20
Sahara 99270, 23.3g full slice, presumed H-chondrite, provenance card from Bob Haag?s website ?meteorites.com? = $45

Morasko Poland, 35.3g cleaned oriented appearing individual, iron-IAB, provenance from Marcin at Polandmet = $35

Al Haggounia 001, 23.3g corner cut, EL3 enstatite chondrite = $35

NWA 7943, 14.52g full slice with huge surface area, polymict eucrite breccia = $45

Berduc, Argentina, 4.8g crusted individual w/ 99% crust = $45

Last but not least!

Lut 006, Iran, 1g part slice, LL3. Provenance in the form of emails from the classifying institution. = $100 Note: Iranian meteorite specimens are very rare on the market because hunting expeditions are restricted by the state, and the USA has Federal restrictions regarding items coming into America from Iran. This was acquired in trade from CML, who classified a number of Lut DCA specimens that found during expeditions conducted by the University of Tehran. I will provide emails documenting the trade for the buyer, and the case shown in the photos is from the lab, bearing their internal number.
John A. Shea, MD
IMCA 3295
Received on Tue 02 Jul 2019 12:00:26 PM PDT

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