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It is utterly amazing what gets occasionally past peer-review.

According to the web page of Mediterranean Archaeology &
Archaeometry, articles submitted to this journal "...are subject
to a minimum of two external peer reviews." Obviously,
something went horribly wrong with the peer-review?? process
in the case of the below article.

Jaye, M., 2019. The Flooding of the Mediterranean
Basin at the Younger-Dryas Boundary. Mediterranean
Archaeology & Archaeometry, 19(1).

At its bottom, there is a note on Jaye's web page at:

"PS ??? I submitted this essay in Nov 2017 to the National
Association of Scholars who declined to publish it because
 ??it ???did not fit within our current editorial plans for Academic

An earlier example of the abject failure of peer-review
in archaeology is:

Cholleti, E.R., Vaddadi, K. and Yadav, A.H.K., 2017.
Puratana Aakasha-Yantrika Nirmana Sadhanavasthu
(Ancient Aero-mechanical manufacturing materials).
Materials Today: Proceedings, 4(8), pp.7704-7713.

Apparently, the editors had a change of mind and the
"Ancient Aero-mechanical manufacturing materials"
paper was only a couple of months ago retracted.

RETRACTED: Puratana Aakasha-Yantrika Nirmana Sadhanavasthu
(Ancient Aero-mechanical manufacturing materials)

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