[meteorite-list] Ditch the GPS. Itís ruining your brain

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Not only will GPS addiction damage the brain, GPS addiction can also cause one's death.

Here is a notable example I once heard about. There were some archeologists out in Libya's so called "Empty Quarter" about 25 years ago, they were using some of the first electronic GPS units to find their way around when out there are no reference points on sand dunes to show the way. So they depended on batteries to get around... Till the heat and use made their GPS units... UNUSEABLE !

Well they knew it would be a hard treck to find their way back, and so they set out in what they thought was the right direction... Instead they found that they were going nowhere but in circles. And if only they had a compass... but their dead dead GPS units had compasses... but not the handy old fashioned ones that COULD SHOW THEM THE WAY OUT OF THE EMPTY QUARTER!

And so it was for several days going in circles, (if only they knew the stars and the sun position to reveal the way out)

Well to make the story short, they most likely would have died out there in the so called "Empty Quarter" had it not been for a caravan camels ridden by Tuargs who knew the stars and the Sun to lead them out.

When the saved archeologists recovered from their ordeal, they purchased surpluss WW2 bubble sextants, and compasses and learned how to use them... Just in case their electronic GPS units failed them again.

BTW: After reading this tale, anyone want a Bendix WW2 bubble sextant and British WW2 Mk-III compass? I might be willing to sell both... Especially if you're one of those meteorite hunters that go to Northwest Africa and the Empty Quarter and depend on electronic GPS. Handy to prevent new mummies out in the desert.

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Ditch the GPS. It???s ruining your brain.
By M.R. O'Connor, Washington Post. June 5, 2019


Paul H.


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