[meteorite-list] AD - 37.1g Mifflin slice - 40g Park Forest individual

From: bill kies <parkforestmet_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 02:09:04 +0000
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Hi all,

I'm offering two specimens for sale. One is a 37.1g slice of Mifflin from Joe K's main mass find. You may have seen it languishing on ebay for a while now if you're a Wisconsin meteorite fan or just a Mifflin enthusiast. It's tough to get a decent price on ebay what with ebay fees as well as the fact that many "meteorite dealers" have made every effort to convince the public that they are the only trusted sources of material. Kudos to you guys :P

This Mifflin slice goes for best price over 2900. Here's a link to ebay but for the best price contact me directly please.


The other offer is a 40g Park Forest individual. It's the only PF I know of that was ever recovered in Chicago Heights. I can show you the exact location it came from within a few feet. I figure it was somehow transported, fell off a vehicle maybe which makes it a hammer as an extra bonus!

The finder recorded the location of every particle of material he found meticulously. He didn't even know the specimen was PF. Everything he had was bagged with each location carefully recorded and he had many bags. Since this was the only PF he had and I had to identify it for him I have no reason to doubt his find location. There are more details relating to this find which I will not bore you all with here but will be glad to share with anyone who is interested.

Minimum price for this one is 40 a gram.

Contact me anytime about these rocks or just to chat if you like.

I can supply you with some of the finest references in the meteorite world.
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