[meteorite-list] Agua Zarcas CM2 for sale

From: Kevin Kichinka <marsrox_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 11:52:16 -0600
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Team Meteorite:

For a five hour drive over-and-through two mountain ranges sandwiched
around the grid-lock of the Central Valley, I left my home on a mountain
top in west-central Costa Rica at 5:15am Friday.

I had an appointment with four Costa Rican scientists (didn't happen), and
a TV reporter who lived nearby and did all initial coverage. The buzz was
about the rock that penetrated a tin roof, then cracked a fiberglass table.
There's some broken, semi-rotted wood that also was broken that I suggested
they conserve. On Thursday, they had luckily not swept the floor where
small frags of met mixed with broken fiberglass and dust bunnies.

Later I was able to interview them, although at the present I am sworn to
secrecy. Obviously, a one kilo+CM2 (now confirmed) met with exquisite
regmaglypts, packaged with the hole and table, and 1x2 wood will bring
excitement to any auction where it is consigned. I left them info from

I had the strewn field to myself for awhile, and viewed three kilo+
specimens, none for sale. I was interested in interviewing everyone I met
that had heard or seen the fall and took copious notes over the five days I
was there. I also collected phone numbers with the intent to go back in
later days. Paul Harris/Jim Tobin may want me to write a feature for
'Meteorite Times' and I look forward to the opportunity.

Ultimately, I have seven specimens I will sell, but today, because the
shipping via UPS is $130 for up to 250 grams, I am offering only the two

The first is a 15% crusted, 18.55 gram individual with visible CAI's.

The second has one fully crusted surface, and crust on AZ's has a velvet
texture, CAI's and weighs 25.20 grams. There's small "bubbling" on one edge
which may have something to do with a 'roll-over' lip, but I am not an
expert on that.

Both were purchased from neighbors who told me they were collected on the
mowed lawn around there homes, so they are not nicked up road kill.

I'll suggest the word, "Pristine".

I'm going on the day long journey to San Jose Monday, leaving a
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