[meteorite-list] Eugene Shoemaker Responsible for TV Coverage of Apollo 11 Moon Walk

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  Hi Dan and all,

  On one of the other Apollo missions, I had received some of the
different times that the Apollo service module and command module would
be over the terminator and possibly visible. I had a fairly good
telescope at that time and looked and was able to see what appeared to
be a dot of very faint light crossing over so the contrast was good. As
the space craft continued orbit it would disappear in the shadow of the

  Best Regards!

  --AL Mitterling

  Quoting DAN <hawkstalker at gmail.com>:

> I well remember sitting with my family as a teenager while watching
> the first moon landing.?During Apollo 8's first trip to the moon
> there were rumors that one would be able to see the craft crossing
> the moon's terminator. I peered through my Tasco refractor in vain,
> while entranced by the reality that astronauts were orbiting out
> there.Special times.
> DAN?
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> ? ? ? ? Coverage? ? ? ? of Apollo 11 Moon Walk
> Greetings Paul and all,
> Couldn't read the whole article as there were ads popping up and
> keeping me from doing so but read a bit of the info there before I
> gave up.
> Might have been present in the article but Eugene Shoemaker helped
> train the Apollo Astronauts at Meteor Crater so they would have
> knowledge of what too look for on the lunar surface. He was a
> candidate for the Apollo Program to be a geologist that would travel
> to the moon. Due to an aliment he was disqualified. I'm sure everyone
> knows that he was the first to finally get the attention of human kind
> that an impact on Earth could be devastating after he and his wife
> along with David Levy discovered Shoemaker/Levy 9 which impacted
> Jupiter. I spent just a little time with him at the Texas Star Party
> when I went some years back and before his death.
> The televising of the first Apollo Moon landing was a great thing. I
> was a teenager and enjoying watching anything about it I could. The TV
> images weren't crystal clear but were enough for us see what was going
> on, watching the astronauts climbing down the ladder to the lunar
> surface. Many people viewed this as a stunt which it was not. It was a
> highly calculated scientific endeavor with good odds. The fact it was
> repeated successfully 6 times and almost 7 times with the help of many
> talent individuals on the ground supporting the astronauts, showed it
> was not a stunt. I made it down to the Apollo 17 launch (which was a
> night launch) and was able to see the last Apollo Moon mission off
> before returning to school. Hard to believe that the Apollo 11 landing
> has almost been 50 years now. After the trip, NASA took some of the
> Moon samples and encased them in a plastic for display for viewing by
> people all over the Earth. I went to see a display shortly after the
> trip in South Bend, Indiana. Still have the picture of the specimen.
> It was a great era!
> Best to all!
> --AL Mitterling
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