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If you can get those 3D poloroid glasses that are used for modern 3D movies, just pop out the plastic poloroids and cross them till they turn black. Staple or tape them together. Place the slide between them and any microscope will show amazing details.

Not as good as a quality petrographic microscope, but for one that just wants to see some amazing detail in a thin section that will do just fine. One can also the two use it with a hand lens.

Steve Schoner
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I have a friend who likes to do microphotography; he can produce fascinating 3-D images.? I've loaned him some of my meteorite specimens and he loves taking pictures of the crystal structures, especially if there are voids or vugs.? Last time i spoke with him, I mentioned thin sections and wondered if he would be interested in trying microphotographs of that.? Turns out he is VERY intrigued by the prospect.

Now comes the fun part.? I don't usually go in for thin sections, having none of the microscopes or polarizing filters to make them pop.? Does anyone have one or two they would be willing to part with inexpensively so I can let Gary have a crack at them?? They don't need to be anything rare or unusual for a first foray; if it turns out he likes them, I will have started him on a new bad habit :)

Tracy Latimer


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