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Mitterling Meteorite Offerings October 2019?? (Oct. 11th to Oct. 18th)

Selling Meteorite Specimens for over 31 Years!
(574-453-7285) Best Calling Times 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.

I'm near the phone during the week of an offering.


I? take Visa/Mastercard & a few other types of cards, checks & money
orders. I will consider reasonable offers on any of the specimens, except
those marked firm.

Sincerely --AL Mitterling Mitterling Meteorites

https://www.flickr.com/photos/183781924 at N06/albums/72157711199010018????????
(For Photos of Specimens)

Items for sale

Ghubara, Oman - Class: L5 Whole Specimen? 649.7 gm (unusual to see a
whole specimen)? Found on the surface of the desert. Stones are fresh
internally and this fall had a fresh fusion crust. The fall was not
collected and left to weather. Wind and sand have blasted the crust
off on exposed surfaces, except where they were buried in the ground.
Price: $650.00

Ghubara Chunk, This comes from a larger specimen I had at one time. I
took slices off itand sold most slices. This piece has a nice
inclusion in it. It has a dimple from cutting but don't want to loose
the nice inclusion so I have not lapped it out. Nice outside
weathered/tektured crust on this piece. Has not experienced any major
oxidation as some pieces have.????? Weight: 815 grams? Price $995.00

Allende, Mexico (CV3) Large Slice with 6.5 inches crust 101.6 grams?
10.31 square inches (2 3/4 X 3 3/4 X 1/4 inch) with nice chodrules and
CAI's (one large one) Slice has been studied and a rectangular dark
spot (about a square inch in area) where probe work was done. Came
from the King Collection of Meteorites. $1,500.00

Allende Whole 67.8 gm. (1 7/8 X 1.5 X 1.3 inches) 60 - 65 % crusted

Theil Mtns Pallasite from Antarctica. I am offering a 5.1 gram part
slice in a nice raker display. Very hard to find this material. This
is the last sizable piece of this material I have.???????? Price

I also have some smaller part slice specimens of Theil Mtns. 1.46 gm,
.9 gm, .49 gm, & .25 gm _at_ $450/gram

  Campo de Ceilo This is an uncleaned specimen with natural patina.
Shows nice thumb printing and is a reasonable size specimen. ( 4.5
X3.5 X 2 ) inches??????

  Weight 2411 gm (5.3 lbs)????????????? Price: $1,500.00
Odessa Whole This is a nice whole specimen I have had for some time.
Has some nice character on the outside.?? 1682 gms $1800 OBRO

Toluca, Mexico Iron 17lbs??? $4,500?? OBRO? (7718 grams)? This is a
nice whole specimen and has been in my personal collection for 30

Georgetown, Australia (iron) Found in 1988 RARE IIICD iron, now
regrouped as IAB-ung. This meteorite was analyzed by Choi et al.
(1995) and subsequently listed in the Catalog of Meteorites as an
anomalous IIICD iron with silicate inclusions (it has fantastic
troilite). It was later analyzedby Wasson who classified it as a ?solo
iron related to IAB.? The name ?Georgetown (iron)? is now recognized as
official by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee. J. T. Wasson )
reports that Georgetown (iron) was found an unknown distance from
Georgetown,? Queensland, Australia, by a gold prospector with a metal

Weight 26.2 gm $1,500

Gujba Yobe, Nigeria Fell 1984 April 3, 18:30 local time Class:
Bencubbin-like meteorite. A conical meteorite fell in a corn field
near the village of Bogga Dingare after a bright fireball was
witnessed moving west to east and an explosion was heard. The local
people hammered the meteorite into many pieces, and most of the
material was dispersed. The original mass is unknown, although
secondhand reports indicate that it had a volume of ~20 000 cm3 and
thus a mass of - 100 kg. Material that almost certainly came from this
fall has been sold in the last few years elsewhere in Nigeria, with
claims that the specimens were new finds. Weight: 68.9 grams? Price $3,800

D'Orbigny Buenos Aires Prov. Part Slice (1 1/8 X 3/4 X 1/8 inches)
Shows interesting green/gray matrix of this rare angrite. Weight 3.84
gm? $1000.00 or best reasonable offer.

NWA 801 CR-2 - 8.9 gram with cut face two sides with outside oxidized
crust. Nice chondrules. ? Price: $200.00

Seymchan, Russia part slice 106.5 gm 12.375 square inches (2.75 X 4.5
X 1/8 inch) Nice piece with lots of yellow crystals through out the
specimen and a silver band running on one fourth of the side (see
picture to appreciate it). $1,550.00

Seymchan, Russia part slice 40.0 grams, over 4 square inches (2.75 X
1.5 X 1/8 inches)
Nice specimen that resembles a fish or maybe a space shuttle. $600.00

Millbillillie, Australia Whole Stone 360 grams 100% fusion crust
showing half black/half orange clay crust. $3,500 firm. (this is a
super nice specimen showing flow line features!)

Thuathe, Lesotho (H4/5) Fell: July 21, 2002. I have about 7 slices of
this material from 7 gm to 11 plus grams. An interesting fall seen
traveling east to west over Lesotho before the bolide exploded. Dust
trails were seen from the fall and a very loud explosions from the
fall were heard. A 7.4 km X 1.9 km strewnfield was found on the
Thuathe Plateau. Slices are crusted on the edges. Price $6/ gram.
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