[meteorite-list] End-Permian (252 Mya) deforestation, wildfires and flooding (open access paper)

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Hello Paul,

For quite some time now, i've been meaning to ask you what you do
for time off relaxation -- well, I think I figured it out................

You hunt down studies regarding our planet which many people
may never have considered looking up, as i'm prone to.

So, I again thank you for forwarding Great informationable studies
to those with an inclined interest.

All best, John

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Below is a very interesting open access paper.

Vajda, V., McLoughlin, S., Mays, C., Frank, T.D., Fielding, C.R.,
Tevyaw, A.,
Lehsten, V., Bocking, M. and Nicoll, R.S., 2020. End-Permian (252 Mya)
deforestation, wildfires and flooding???An ancient biotic crisis with lessons
for the present. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 529, p.115875.


Paul H.


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