[meteorite-list] Labor Day Hurricane Sale : New Meteorites, Nkayi Slices, Gold Basin Slices, Peace River Micros, Scrap Silver

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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2019 07:29:51 -0400
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Hi Friends and Collectors,

As Hurricane Dorian bears down on us here in Florida, I managed to
acquire some new meteorite specimens from meteorite hunter Michael
Farmer. These include some fragments of the rarely-offered Nkayi
meteorite fall and beautiful polished slices of Gold Basin.

The hurricane is forecasted to skirt the east coast of Florida
sometime on tuesday after the Labor Day holiday. As of this writing,
we are not evacuating (hopefully) and will ride out the storm here. If
the post office is still open on tuesday morning, then I will ship all
packages then. If not, then I will ship on wednesday or thursday after
the storm has passed and mail service resumes. Note ? all outstanding
packages have been shipped ? so if you have not received a prior order
yet, it is on the way.

As always, use coupon code ?metlist? at checkout for 20% OFF all prices. :)

Before we get to the new meteorites, here is a single oddball offering
? approx. 3 troy ounces of silver jewelry for scrap. There is approx.
93 grams of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings -

Nkayi : Fell on March 01, 2009 in Zimbabwe. A large stone weighing
over 100kg fell, but locals destroyed most of it by making talismans,
eating it, or pounding it into dust to make ?magic? potions. Only 15kg
survived and most is not available to collectors. Rarely offered. I
acquired these pieces directly from Mike Farmer (owner of the
surviving material) and have a copy of his original specimen card
available on request.

Nkayi (part slice, .115g) -

Nkayi (part slice, .083g) -

Nkayi (part slice, .080g) -

Nkayi (small uncut fragment, micromount) -


These Gold Basin slices have been professionally prepared and polished
to a mirror-like finish. Despite their small size, they are very
attractive and showy. These show a combination of shiny metal flecks
and chondrules set into a dark matrix. Each comes with a labeled
gemjar. These would be ideal for gifting or jewelry-making. Many of
these are already the right size and overall shape to use as cabochons
in pendant or ring settings. Gold Basin is a classic American
meteorite from the Arizona desert and is classified as a L4 chondrite.

Gold Basin (polished slice, 1.85g) -

Gold Basin (polished slice, 1.8g) -

Gold Basin (polished slice with armored chondrule, 1.76g) -

Gold Basin (polished endcut, 1.75g) -

Gold Basin (polished slice, 1.5g) -

Gold Basin (polished slice, 1.4g) -

Gold Basin (polished endcut, 1.3g) -

Gold Basin (polished slice, 1.1g) -

Gold Basin (micromount) -

Gold Basin limited edition postcard -

All new specimens, including fossils, amber, and micromounts of the
1963 Peace River witnessed fall meteorite -

Thanks for looking. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. And for
those of you in the path of Hurricane Dorian, please stay safe!


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