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Mitterling Meteorite Offerings September 6th to 14th, 2019
Selling Meteorite Specimens for 31 Years!

(574-453-7285) Best Calling Times 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. I'm near
phone during the week of an offering.


I? take Visa/Mastercard & a few other types of cards. I will consider
reasonable offers on any of the specimens, except
those marked firm.

Sincerely --AL Mitterling Mitterling Meteorites

https://www.flickr.com/photos/183781924 at N06/? ?
(For Photos of Specimens)

Items for sale

Portales Valley, NM This is a slice with metal veins! 48 gm. Portales
Fell June 13th, 1998 at 7:45 a.m. Class: H6 and one of the most unique
falls of recent times. After detonations were heard and smoky trails
seen in the sky, a shower of meteorites landed near Portales, New
Mexico. 53 objects have been recovered, with a total mass of 71.4 kg.
The largest pieces weighed 16.5 kg? Price: $1,500

Gibeon, Namibia Found: 1836? Class: IVA This is a unique slice
showing a bending of the internal structure, either from formation or
possibly an impact event on the area. This also shows a great pattern
in other parts of the structure. It would be a great piece to add to
your Gibeon slice collection or for your first slice. 280.5 gm? ?$800

NWA 1430 (TATA) Found: 2001 Class: IIIAB This is a thin half slice
weighing 349 gm with super good surface area. Found in Morocco. Irons
have been fairly rare coming out of the NWA region. No doubt they were
used for artifacts over the years. This slice has a nice widmanstatten
pattern ranging from finer to medium over the length of the slice.?
Price $1200

Bilanga, Burkina-Faso (crusted)? Fell: October 27, 1999 Weight: 6.4
grams Class: diogenite? ? Price: $495

Lost City, Oklahoma Fell: January 3rd, 1970 at 20:14 hours Class: H5
This is the historical fall of a meteorite recorded by the Pairie
Network and the ability to track down the landing site within a square
mile. This was the ten year effort to attempt to record a fall and to
figure the origin of where meteorites were coming from in our solar
system! Super thin slice with good surface area 6.7 grams? $1995
(pretty firm)

Johnstown, CO. Slice? Class: Diogenite 1/4 slice 9.2 grams with about
an inch of black fusion crust on natural outside surface. This fall
interrupted a funeral that was taking place and part of the fall
landed on the outside of the church.
Price: $1,400

Pasamonte, New Mexico Achondrite (Eucrite)? 7.4 grams? ?Fell: March
24, 1933 Not too much of this material floating around the collecting
circuit. Nice specimen with Crust.? $5,350.00

Toluca 17lbs? ? $4,500? ?OBRO? (7718 grams)? This is a nice whole
specimen and has been in my personal collection for 30 years.

Odessa Slices, End Piece and whole

Slices: 168.6 gm, 241.1 gm, 290 gm, 292.8 gm, 323.2 gm, 349.4 ($2 per
Endpiece 1579.4 gm? ?($1.50/gram) or make me an offer.

Odessa Whole Individual 1682 gms $2000 OBO

Millbillillie, Australia Whole Stone 360 grams 100% fusion crust
showing half black/half orange clay crust. $3,000 firm. (this is a
super nice specimen showing flow line features!)

Park Forest, IL Fell: 2003 Class: L5? This is a nice slice of this
fall showing a couple of different lithographs in the interior. This
slice is one I cut and acquired in Park Forest.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Weight is 22.9 grams? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?$700.00
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