[meteorite-list] Will Breja ever be classified?

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Sorry Mike I don't know about Breja, but that reminded me......

If some of you have pieces of the NDrali meteorite, a very pretty one with melt veins, and wonder why it has not been classified, it has been, but under an other name: BARDAI. And it is an H3-5.

And yes of course, I have it, and I will soon have a few thin-sections.
Just so you know!

Anne Black
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Re : the so-called "Breja" fall of May 01, 2010 in Morocco.

I recall that a good bit of material from this fall appeared on the

market for a period of time after the fall, then it got forgotten as

newer and more interesting material surfaced later. It was a fresh OC

with a battleship-grey matrix with sparse metal fleck and shock

veining. Specimens had velvetly black crust.

A couple of years after the fall, I inquired about it to a few dealers

and somebody told me that a scientist at a leading institution said

that Breja would not be classified because it originated from Algeria

and there were legal/ethical issues surrounding it. I don't recall who

exactly said this and I think it was in a private email discussion.

Well, several more years have gone by, and I still wonder about this

old fall when I update my "Recent Falls" meteorite page. And it occurs

to me that there have been many new finds approved in the Met Bull

that come out of Algeria - it doesn't seem to be an issue recently. In

fact, the latest Met Bull update contains three different meteorites

out of Algeria.

So, is Breja not being classified because nobody is trying (nobody has

submitted a sample) or is it because no reputable institution will

touch it? And if the latter, then why not?

Best regards,


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