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I absolutely agree with you, ET.And I hope you will also post this on various pages in Facebook.A lot of people, mostly new-comers, have no idea how much Paul and Jim have done for the meteorite community over the years, without ever asking anything in return. Thanks for speaking up. We don't do that often enough.?Anne BlackIMPACTIKA.comimpactika at aol.com
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Hi Folks,
 I am writing to pay homage to James Tobin and Paul Harris for all that they do for the meteorite community. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for bringing the meteorite community together in so many ways. So much of what they do takes work , effort and dedication with virtually no reward or recognition. Many of us owe them for a great deal of the business we have enjoyed over the years. It is so incredibly unselfish of both of them to promote web based businesses in the marketplace.
I was on the phone today with Jim when a call came in from Al Lang. Al asked a question that only Jim could answer so after merging the calls, we had a nice confab. Al is setting up at the 22nd street tent where he was located last year. He asked Jim if there was going to be a dealers list for the Tucson show coming up in a couple of weeks. Both Al and I learned just how thankless Jim and Paul's efforts really are. Jim replied that because all of the information must be input manually and because some people who don't send in their location information or do it too late, have berated them because they not featured on the coming show list, that they have considered not providing the list any longer. Jim related a story of a dealer who climbed their cage at the IMCA dinner last year because they were not on the list, even though they had not provided any location information.
Its easy to understand why they would not want to deal with that grief again.
I would like to personally and publicly thank Jim Tobin and Paul Harris, two of the nicest guys on this planet, for their generosity and all of the wonderful contributions they make to our hobbies, businesses and the amazing science that is Space and these beautiful rocks that fall from the sky!

Regards,? E.T.

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