[meteorite-list] Found Rock in the Middle of Altered Circular Mark on Pavement

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Yer kidding... Right?

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Found Rock in the Middle of Altered Circular Mark on Pavement


As mentioned perhaps in list archives, this is within range of Park

Forest, according to data I found on strewn field sizes, as

recognized, too bad the citation isn't readily available. I was

distracted while doing research in many ways, for years, and seemingly

with good reason I didn't overdo it, because, believe it, or not,

things simply disappear (sorry to digress, please excuse the bandwidth

and time expended). So, I am seeing evidence they, where they noticed

this, thought someone tossed it in there, but that the heat heated

that within that ring of that radius, basically, if it wasn't bent,

also, by impact, which is not my area of expertise, of course. This

was estimated at a bundle

(https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/meteorite-for-sale/1899129/) I

don't want to look the dupe, and I surmise everyone will be the expert

that I am not (: "it's not [this]", "it's not [that]): first two

images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/67498324 at N08/albums (for

lack of discovering another Flickr account, there's this, maybe once

defunct, I can't help but wonder why these are here, if there was a

different account, it had many different finds on there, I was

documenting doing my work, which I emphasize over decrees and recs

from others, fwiw)

Peter Richards

(email or text to 603-759-1896... this can be had with a bill of sale,

for now I have it on verbal contract... thank you)


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