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Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020 11:35:26 -0400
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Hi Marcin,

I did not mean my reply to sound aggressive or personal towards you. I
have always liked you and never had a problem with you personally. I
just don't like Facebook (or Zuckerberg) and the increasing stagnation
of this fine mailing list is a direct result of social media sites
like FB siphoning away all of the online oxygen. Facebook seeks to
control information and discourse - a monolithic entity answerable to
nobody that exploits it's userbase as a resource to enrich itself. It
does this without regard to the collateral damage done to privacy or
civil rights. All the while, FB is doing nothing original or
innovative. Chatting, posting, groups, and every other functionality
of FB are things we can do elsewhere. We don't *need* Facebook. It
needs us.

This List introduced me to the meteorite world. It brought me to the
dance, so to speak. And after many years of playing the social media
field, I have come back home to my high-school sweetheart, the

A lof of other collectors and dealers still congregate on FB and many
do quite well with sales. That's fine and I wish them success in what
works for them. I was one of the first handful of meteorite people to
become active on FB back in 2009 and now I am not the first to pack up
and leave that venue. I probably won't be the last. I've already
noticed that some List members are not very active on FB any more.
Maybe it's for the same reasons or they have their own reasons. But, I
think it's high time to get this mailing list rolling again. FB has
stolen the thunder for too long. The Met-List and FB don't have to be
mutually exclusive and both can co-exist. But, if Zuck and FB had
their way, venues like this mailing list would be trampled into
silence or absorbed into the Borg-like collective that is Facebook and

To each their own, but long live the List!


On 6/14/20, Marcin Cima?a - POLANDMET <marcin at polandmet.com> wrote:
> This is not a good point. You missing it.
> Do You watch TV ? You choose TV program You want to watch. You buy
> newspapers You think are worth Your money.
> Same You do on facebook. You choose Your friends and groups You want to
> watch for informations You want to see. Valuable for You. If they are crap,
> You leave groups, You unfriend stupid peoples the same as You turn to
> another TV channel if they start comercials in the middle of movie or You go
> to another page if there is stupid article or not interesting for You.
> You have Your smartphone and computer? They spies You even better than
> cameras on the streets. Then why You think Facebook spies You better than
> Your phone ? If You feel unfonfortable, sell all electronic devices, unpug
> Your net cable, turn off wi-fi. No, You cant.
> My understand of Facebook (I dont use any other social media) is that it is
> like TV. I watch only this channel that Im interested. Im in meteorite
> groups, not all of them, just some, in my actual car group, in car that I
> want to buy group, cats group, 3D printing groups, my photo camera groups.
> Groups that are importand to me, same as I like to watch Discovery channels,
> National Geographin or history channels in TV but I dont watch news channels
> or some other crap things in TV.
> Got it ? You still can have 0 friends on facebook and You can be in 3
> valuable meteorite groups read all the news about them. What this will tell
> Zuckenberg about You ? That You like rocks. Is this something bad ? No I
> dont think soo.
> Think about this
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>> Hi Marcin and List,
>> Yes, the List has been quiet lately and part of that is because
>> Facebook is strangling other venues. I don't see that as a good thing.
>> This List is far more preferable (IMO) than an invasive venue that
>> spies on your every move, filters your feed with restrictive
>> algorithms, takes ownership of your content, and engages in behavior
>> that is destructive to civil discourse. I deleted my Facebook account
>> and couldn't be happier about it.
>> Starting very soon, I will doing my part to re-invigorate this List. I
>> will start posting regular updates with the latest Met Bulletin
>> approvals and other content that I used to waste on Facebook.
>> Screw Facebook and Zuckerberg.
>> Best regards,
>> MikeG
>> On 6/14/20, Marcin Cimala - POLANDMET via Meteorite-list
>> <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
>>> Hello list
>>> I see there is only discusion about Pictures of the day :) Is this list
>>> dead
>>> ?
>>> Come to the Facebook peoples, it dont bite. Meteorite group, Polandmet
>>> Meteorites group and many other very valuable groups with alot info
>>> about
>>> meteorites and thousand of users.
>>> I have started in Meteorites group discusion that every new
>>> classification
>>> should include few photos of specimen. Not in Encyclopedia of Meteorites
>>> but
>>> reference photos submited with classification and provided by
>>> specimen/main
>>> mass holder.
>>> When Im sending type specimen to the lab I also need to send them few
>>> photos
>>> of entire mass wirth scale cube and also photo of cut surface, slice.
>>> This
>>> will give every meteorite his "face", idea what is NWA 12123214 and if
>>> slice
>>> I just bough look like reference photo.
>>> Every time there is Met Bull update there are many rare specimens but
>>> they
>>> stay only as number. Sometimes we can find them on ebay or search name
>>> in
>>> Google we can find specimens in someone website. But this really should
>>> look
>>> like that ? We have 2020, every morocan in the desert have now
>>> smartphone
>>> with high quality camera. I get their photos every hour. Photos of
>>> incredible specimen. But they can be seen only by few of us. Why not for
>>> everyone and forever? Most dealers who submit big ammount of specimens
>>> in
>>> Met Bull sell online so it is not a problem to require some
>>> representative
>>> photos of specimen or the biggest mass. You dont have good camera ?
>>> Whats
>>> the problem? You can find 10 friends with Canon, Nikon or new Iphone to
>>> prepare requested pictures the same as You collect all requested
>>> informations about Your specimen like date of find, TKW, place of find
>>> etc.
>>> I realy dont see a problem. This need only some discusion and some good
>>> will
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