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From: Marcin Cimała - POLANDMET <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020 20:03:32 +0200
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> Hi Marcin,
> I don't do facebook either. When it first started I was on it for 3
> months and didn't care for it so I found out how to permanently delete my
> account and never looked back. For one thing it's one of the most insecure
> sites on the internet. How many times a year do I read or hear about some
> security issue(s) with it? And there just so much nonsense on it as well.
> It's not for me. I prefer this list and/or perhaps a web site dedicated to
> meteorites. Then again I've never been a trend/fad follower. "But
> everybody is on facebook!" So what?!

Again some generalities...
How its insecure? If You are affraid of Your privacy, make account with new
Gmail, fake personal informations, no family photos, fake phone number, so
what then You lose if Putin hackers steal Your personal data ? :D
Your smartphone, Your credit card or mailbox in front of Your house is much
easier to hack and contain more info than FB account will ever have. So how
it is insecure? This is nonsense.

> I choose not to use facebook. Just like I choose TV shows or movies I
> watch. If the list moves to facebook I'm out. Not that I'm a major player
> in the world of meteorites or anything, I'm just a low level, meager
> collector.

I can ensure You that what "YOU ARE FORCED" to watch in TV is much bigger
bullshit than what "You can choose Yourself" on FB.
Maybe "everyone" are alredy there from months. Thats why there are only
Meteorites of the Day posts.

Sorry but its above my understanding level. Maybe someone can explain me
whats wrong with disscusing meteorites on meteorite group without hate,
rasism, politics and stupid comments.

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> Tom
> On 6/14/20 10:54 AM, Marcin Cima?a - POLANDMET via Meteorite-list wrote:
>> This is not a good point. You missing it.
>> Do You watch TV ? You choose TV program You want to watch. You buy
>> newspapers You think are worth Your money.
>> Same You do on facebook. You choose Your friends and groups You want to
>> watch for informations You want to see.
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