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Re: Ibitira

RE Frank Stroik/Ibitira 3-11-97
       Thanks, Frank, as always, you come through with solid commentary on
topics of interest.
       Receivers of the newsletter who have access to BRAZILIAN STONE 
METEORITES by Gomes & Keil will find extensive analysis of Ibitira from 
pages 65 through 74, inclusive. In addition, several photos, including an 
excelent photo made with an electron microscope, are included therein. 
       Unfortunately, I have had nothing to do with the distribution of material 
to researchers, museums & other institutions. I know The Astronomical 
Research Network has some and have been told Cornell (sp?) is actively 
working on an exhaustive analysis of the noble gasses (as well, I assume, as 
other aspects of the material)
      At first, I priced this material on a dramatically sliding scale in hopes 
several dealers would buy in quantity, thereby assuring a substantial portion
would be available to collectors & I could make some money in the process. (I 
am, in no way, opposed to making money) However, this approach was met 
with a resounding silence. As Yogi Barra said, "They're staying away in 
droves". In the few days that passed, increasing numbers of institutions were 
persuing the material (I WAS TOLD). I lowered the price substantially - still, 
no one responded - more material was gobbled up by institutions (I WAS 
TOLD) Several days ago I dropped the price to near cost with almost no 
decrease alloted for volume purchase, as there simply was no room for 
decrease. To hell with making money, I wanted to get as much of the material 
as possible into the hands of collectors before it dissappeared. In the few 
days since, a total of 40 grams have been spoken for. I am now TOLD there 
are only 100 grams or so left for the collecting community. 
      I have been TOLD a lot of things. I was initially told it was lunar material. 
Then I was told it was suspected lunar material, then I was told researchers 
who now had it were saying it was, "probably not nunar, but more likely 
Martian - possibly ancien Earth" , then I was told......etc.
      I hold no degrees in geology.(All of my degrees are in humabehavior)