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Cd-rom on celestial cartography

I'm writing an hypertext on the history of celestial
cartography in the period 1500-1850. The complete
work should contain over 500 images reproduced
from atlases and maps and should be available both
in english and in italian edition.
I started this work as my hobby, but now I think that
many people could be interested to have a copy of this 
hypertext, that I could save on a cd-rom and send them.
I'm not a publisher, but a single writer without 
editorial staff. The duplication and the publication 
of the cd-rom implies for me various economic and
fiscal problems. So, before to embark on this
enterprise (and in order to evaluate if it is worth
while) I should be happy to know if among the 
subscribers of this list there are someone interested 
in this cd-rom.
Obviously, an affirmative answer to this my question
doesn't imply from now on the promise to purchase 
the cd-rom, but only the will to be informed of its 
publication, if the work will be completed and the
economic and the fiscal problems will be exceeded.
Best regards
Davide Neri
E-mail: ban2280@iperbole.bologna.it