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Canyon Diablo

A question that has undoubtedly come up before:

Meteorite Hunting at Meteorite Crater/Canyon Diablo:

Everybody that I've talked to has warned me about bodily harm if I'm
caught meteorite hunting in the vicinity of Meteorite Crater.  The last time
I've checked, it's private property (naturally, hunting would not be

In the surrounding area, (from my trusty topo maps), the outlying area
appears to be a checkerboard of private land vs. BLM land.  Assuming that
any finds are reported through proper channels to the BLM/Gov:

1.  Would it be illegal to hunt in the BLM areas?  (using my GPS for
	definite location).
2.  Where does the boundary of illegal-hunting begin/end?

Any info that readers would be willing to share (especially of their
personal experience) would be greatly appreciated.  Please write me
to the address below if you would like to send me a private message.

\-Greg Brush