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Re: Mojave Desert Meteorite Hunt

Hi Steve,

I live in La Habra, North Orange County, and would be interested in looking
around for meteorites out in the desert with you. I've been interested in
meteorites for a couple of years but have no collection.

I'm fairly familiar with the Barstow area. I've successfully drywashed for
gold out Fort Irwin Road, visited Indian Petroglyphs South of hwy. 40,
unsuccessfully looked for metorites and arrowheads on Superior Dry Lake, and
found an 1899 Levi's advertisement (which I sold to Levi Strauss Co. for
$750) in a mine, East of Calico Ghost Town. Also, I visited the Old Woman at
the BLM office in Barstow a couple of years ago. It was very fun to see.

The Barstow area, out Fort Irwin Road, has a lot of black rock with a melted
appearence that I call Loadstone. I don't know if that's its real name but,
it looks like a meteorite (melted fusion crust look), draws a magnet, and
it's everywhere out there. So that might be an area to avoid.

I don't have a metal detector but would like to go on a meteorite hunt and
campout under the stars for a night or two. Do you mind kids? I have three
young children, ages 11, 9, and 5 who may want to go. We have camped out many
times and watched shooting stars and satellites as we fall asleep. Well, I
hope to hear from you soon.

Pete Tavis