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Re: ice meteorites II

In order to get a 2nd opinion on the matter of ice meteorites, I asked Mark
Boslough of Sandia Labs who uses their supercomputer to model nuclear
explosions as well as astmospheric detonations from the likes of the
Tunguska bolide, about the matter of ice meteorites. His reply:

"As far as the ice meteorites are concerned, I do not see any reason to
doubt their reality, but they are so hard to verify.  There was this
alleged fall in Brazil last July, but the oxygen isotopes lie precisely
on the terrestrial fractionation curve, ruling out an extraterrestrial
source.  It was a mass of a few 100 kg that came through the roof of
a Mercedes factory.  I think somebody shot it out of a cannon from a
few miles away (I am told that there is a military school and a company
of light tanks nearby!)."

So, keep looking...

Joel Schiff