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Dear tektite-friends!

I'm writing a book on tektites that will be published (in German) late
1997.An English translation will follow late 1998.
Who can supply diapos on the following subjects,to be published in my book?
-Terrestrial:	Lake Bosumtwi.
	Ivory Coast (landscape in the strewnfield of the ivoirites).
	Texas (landscape  in the strewnfield of the bediasites).
	Georgia (landscape in the strewnfield of the georgiaites).
	Czech Republic (Bohemian landscape in the strewnfield of 	the moldavites).
	Indochina (landscape in the strewnfield of the indochinites).
	Wabar,Aouelloul,Zhamanshin,Darwin-crater,Libyan Desert.

-Satellites,space shuttle:
	Tonle Sap,Chesapeake Bay,Ries crater in Germany,Gulf of 
	Tonkin,Lake Bosumtwi,Meteor Crater,crater in Senegal.

As I run the financial risk of editing the book myself,I can't pay any
royalty for the diapos.

Best tektitical regards,

Guy Heinen
30,rue du Bois
L-4795 Linger
Luxemburg (Europe)