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Re: Impersonating an officer

Hello List,

I share Julia's feelings of revulsion at this charade. Being a newcomer to the
List, I don't know who "The Colonel" really is, I don't know you guys well
enough yet to read between the cryptic lines... but I do know that it was a
despicable, cruel thing to do and I was dumb enough to mail "The Colonel"
privately after his first appearance, assuring him that people on The List
were good guys and he should stick with it. Boy, do *I* feel dumb now. 

it's sad that this has happened, but maybe, just MAYBE, it'll make everyone
take a deep breath, step back and see just what happened recently: this guy
saw a pool of petrol, spreading slowly, and tossed a match onto it. And now we
have another pool of petrol spreading re. prices etc, and it's getting heated
and personal again and... 

Can everyone just calm down now, please?

And "Colonel", go... just go...

Best wishes to everyone,

Stuart A

BTW: Darryl: I agree. 

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