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Stuart A and portales

Hey Stuart, I wish you knew me and my situation. Me and my wife are both
college stuants at the UofA here in Tucson. I love meteorites and have
found a niche to sell them enough to be able to build my own collection
which is pitifully small at this moment. I also do not have any esquell
and only a tiny bit of Imilac. I did luck out and get Portales though
and I really needed this start. I will give you a small piece on the
house and I assure you that I am about as small as most collectors out
there.  Never give up and believe me, something will fall in you lap so
to speak. What are the odds of two meteorites falling within driving
distance of my house three months apart? I was first on scene as far as
buyers at Monahans but unfortunately we see the downward course that
thing has taken us. I was also first on scene at Portales as far as
buyers went (only one hour before Bob Haag). I was able to buy and find
some.  This fighting is being instigated by one and only one person on
this list. No one who has any Portales is causing these problems or
implied problems. We do not yet know the classification of this
meteorite but I will be cutting a small stone in about 1 hour into
slices for sale. I will set the price when I get done with them. It will
be likely around $25 to $30 per gram. I will also be cutting 3 of the
Roosevelt County masses and will sell some of those slices as well.
People who were or want to be members of my mailing list please email me
with your anme address and phone number so I can start rebuilding my
database which was lost in my computer crash. I will attempt to have my
website up and running within 24 hours but we will see.  If you want one
of the forst slices of Portales, please email me with aproxomate size or
$$$$ amount you want to spend. The stone is only 200 grams and will not
make enough to go around of course. Please email me directly or call me
later tonight.
Mike Farmer
520 206 9153.
stuart A, yours is on the house for you to show the kids a 2 week old

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