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Re: Prices... an outsider's view, with thanks

Hi Stuart:

> When I get my meteorites back on Sunday I won't reach into that display case
> and bring out an investment, or a piece of capital, I'll bring out a piece of
> metal left over from the birth of our Solar System, and imagine it spinning,
> waltzing through space, lit by the distant, dim Sun, a thousand lifetimes away
> from Earth...
> Please tell me we all at least have *that* in common..?
This is the thing that amazed me in the beginning and still does.  I
still find it unbelievable that I can hold a piece of another world in
my hand.  And sometimes I do just that.  I hold it, I fondle it, I look
at it under a microscope, and i dream of the journey of billions of
years that it took to "land" in my lap.  And when I go backpacking to
get away from it all, I put a little Canyon Diablo in my pocket for
"good luck".  These gems are priceless and I pitty anyone who is just in
it for the money.


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