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Re: Prices... an outsider's view, with thanks

STUARTATK@aol.com schrieb:

> I'd just like to add my comments to the rumbling debate about prices.
> Maybe there are others out there who feel the same, who'll agree with
> me, I don't know.

> I'm an enthusiast ...
> ... I'm happy.

> I started collecting meteorites because, as an amateur astronomer, I
> wanted to be able to hold, to actually *hold* a piece of the universe
> which I spent so long observing, loving from afar.

> ... a Canyon Diablo specimen ...I just stared at it, and ...  I felt a
> link with the universe, a bond with it...

> I was hooked.

> ... and then I open my box, take out my Moldavite, hold it up to my
> study lamp and see the way it shines like jade... I see the delicate
> flow lines traced out on its surface... I feel the texture... and I
> smile again, because I still can't believe I'm actually holding ...
> a piece of the Solar System!!!

> And it's beautiful, it's actually a thing of beauty ...


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