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Fw: Enough said?

Hello Rob and List,

Rob, I couldn't have said it any better.  I know of at least one notable
meteoritic scientist that dropped off of the list due to the name calling
and bickering among a very few number of individuals in the past few weeks.
Let's get back on the topic:  the mystery, wonder and science of meteorites,
those precious pieces of our solar system that we all hope to find, collect,
study and learn from!

Peace to all,

Steven Excell
Seattle, Washington USA
E-Mail: excell@concentric.net
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Date: Saturday, July 04, 1998 6:28 PM
Subject: Enough said?

>Hi everyone,
>I posted a meteorite question to the List on Friday, asking for help and
>advice......I got 3 replies, approx. 0.3% reply rate. Funny really, because
>there's an abundance of what could almost be described as "hate mail" on
>List at the moment.
>There won't be any winners - most listees have probably made up their own
>minds about all this and opinions are sure to differ..... maybe now is a
>time to stop guys?
>Now....would anyone care to talk about meteorites or do I stand alone on
>Send an email To:
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>email. That's all there is to it!
>Thank You

Send an email To: 
with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject field of your 
email. That's all there is to it!
Thank You