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re:Enough said?

<Hi everyone,

I posted a meteorite question to the List on Friday, asking for help and
advice......I got 3 replies, approx. 0.3% reply rate. Funny really, because
there's an abundance of what could almost be described as "hate mail" on the
List at the moment.
There won't be any winners - most listees have probably made up their own
minds about all this and opinions are sure to differ..... maybe now is a good
time to stop guys?

Now....would anyone care to talk about meteorites or do I stand alone on this?

I couldn't agree more Rob. And on that note, here's a subject I'd love to have everyone's opinion on. I'm new to the world of meteorites (been collecting for about a month), but my collection is off to a good start. So far I have Odessa, Canyon Diablo and Zagami fragments, a 48.8g Gibeon slice and a 100g piece of Campo Del Cielo. On the way I have a 14.5g Sikhote Alin and a 132.3g Chinese Tektite. I also intend to get a 1kg+ Gibeon or Canyon Diablo by the end of August. After that I will be at university and money will be a little tight. What would everyone think would be the best two or three other pieces I should try and get while I still have the money? Should I go for large, cheaper pieces or maybe smaller, more expensive "special" pieces, such as Allende or Peekskill, or even another SNC?
Thanks in advance for your comments,
Stuart Forbes
Edinburgh, Scotland