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Re: Fraternity/collaboration

  Hi Jim and list, 
    I have to totally agree with Jim on this. The prices of Monahans and
Portales will be unreal. I refuse to bid on them, couldn't afford the
rediculous prices anyway. I may still not be able to afford them after they
are sold and then re-sold as slices or fragments. Despite the GREAT efforts
Mike Farmer and other folks go through to get new specimens this doesn't
mean people should have to pay unbelievable amounts of money for a small
piece. These are not Mars rocks, they are not Murchisons. I appreciate the
folks who do the hunting, I really do but they are the ones paying the
rediculous amounts for these meteorites. They already spent large amounts of
money & time and car wear to go to these places, then they pay outrageous
prices for the pieces. As long as they keep paying these prices to get them
we are screwed. Until the public is shown that these specimens are not worth
what they want for them they will continue to try to charge unrealistic sums
for us to buy them. That first Monahans action made me sick. I saw it
coming. Now there's another one. Then they'll be another, etc. I can see
these pieces bouncing around back and forth between a select few who can
afford such pieces. I guess the "elite" will get these, the little guys won't. 

  Just my observations, no personal attacks meant here. Do what you wish
with these meteorites but I think in the long (or not so long) run it hurts

Tom Randall

At 03:10 PM 7/5/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a suggestion to demonstrate our collective power.
>The Monahans auction will be starting soon (July 10).
>Just don't bid.
>Let me say that again - Please - DON'T BID.
>One or two dealers may bid on this, but don't participate.
>Let a dealer get the piece at a fair price and just buy our part slices
>from him/her.
>It would be outstanding if the auction went with only a single low bid.
>Posted with certain hesitation,
>   Jim Hurley

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