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Michael Blood schrieb:

> .....  now it looks like Portalis just might NOT be a mesosiderite,
> but an H chondrite! Wooooo ....Granny may have shot herself in the
> foot BIG TIME.

But a very   e x t r a o r d i n a r y   H chondrite if it should turn
out to be one!

This reminds me of the WATSON iron meteorite (IIE):

A single mass weighing 93 kg was found. On slicing in 1990 a large
silicate inclusion was found. Description, classification (from oxygen
isotopes) , analysis of silicates, olivine Fa 20, E. Olsen et al. Lunar
Planet. Sci. 22, 1991, 999. The main mass is in the collection of J.
Schwade, 969 South Chicago Ave., Kankakee, Illinois 60901, USA.

Best wishes, Bernd

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