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Re: Nininger monument

> geoking@intercall.com wrote:

> Dear Gene,
> I like that idea! I was at the ruin earlier this year, trying to take some
> pictures. There are "No Trespassing" signs everywhere (at Meteor Crater?
> Surely not!)), so you can't even get up to have a close look at the old
> museum. Funny, sounds just like the situation at the crater.

Hello Listees:

good idea, indeed!

Where exactly are those old ruins? R. O. Norton in his RFS II quotes:
"...to view the crater 6 miles to the south...". So it should be located
very near the road off I40 to the south towards Meteor Crater, and near
what is now called the Meteor Crater RV Park. For the first time I was
there in 1978, 20 years ago. There was a crater related gift shop in
that area, as far as I remember. Was it in (or near) the old ruins?

And here is quite a different question regarding Meteor Crater:

I have visited Meteor Crater three times. In 1992 I was still able to
circle the entire rim (by footwalk), but when I made my next visit there
in 1996 this was strictly prohibited through warning tables. I wished so
much I could ever get down to the crater floor, but this seems highly
improbable forever unless you are a scientist in the field or get a very
special permit from the owners. Have any of you ever tried this? Would
the Barringer family allow it to "normal" people like me, if you asked
politely and in advance to a trip? 

Late last year one of the US dealers told me at the Munich exhibition,
when I asked him about collecting at the site, with a knowing smile on
his face: "They are going to shoot you, if you ever try!"

Best regards,
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