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Re: Perspective

I would just like to add, that ALL is NOT lost.  There are still PLENTY of
meteorites that will be sold for 0.75-2.00/g, and they will be good ones. I
just offered some nice, fresh Jilin for 3/g, I paid 2/g + cut loss, they sold
out in hours. We as dealers, just HAVE to take less profit and get more
material, that simple. The beautiful Juancheng can be had for 3/g as well, and
it is fresh.  I agree that Monahans and Portlaes are out of hand, but that
started with outrageous filed prices.  If 1.00/g was offered in the field, no
one would be complaining. Collectors and dealers just have to stick to their
guns and say "Hey, I'll give you a buck a gram, and that is it".  Either the
farmer will sell, or they will go to their grave with a 30lb rock. We are not
stupid, we know what the market can bear, and obviously it can bear no more!
But folks, there are LOTS of stones you can get for a good price, just keep
your eyes peeled.

The internet is not totally to blame for the whacked-out prices.  There have
been catalogs floating around for years, even Rocks from Space has a price
guide! The media is mostly to blame.  Newspapers are always saying it is worth
so much.  I even had a reporter quote my web-page as saying all meteorites are
worth 1000/g, where right below the Orgueil (yes, pricey) was 1.00/g Gao. Yes,
the internet is easy to access, but it also produces competition! Healthy for a
"market" economy.  We'll see where we are in the next 4 months, I may be out of
business, or offering Portales for 1.00/g. Just my 2 cents...
Matt Morgan
Mile High Meteorites
P.O.Box 151293
Lakewood, CO 80215-9293
"For a geologist, life is a field trip"

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