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[Fwd: further commetns on the Monahans sale]

Hello List,

Mark is receiving the posts, but is having difficulty getting properly
subscribed.  Here's the latest Flash...

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Hello -

for those interested in the disposition of the monahans sale - the
confusion continues...

I was just informed today that the "auction" has been delayed for at least
another 2 weeks.

presumably, this will allow more time for the development of:

1. misinformation
2. confusion
3. further attempts at increasing the hype
4. more use of bandwidth on this subject
5. greater "auction" manipulation

I for one have lost my patience with this sale and will likely not
participate. It has been an agonizing process trying to figure out just
what is going on.


FAt 09:08 AM 7/9/98 -0400, JJSwaim wrote:
>Hello List,
>Mark Lerner sent this to me  and to the list yesterday.  Apparently, it
>never made it to the list.  It contains some interesting auction info.
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>I think this is a wonderful idea.  The entire auction process is being
>manipulated anyway. For those who have inquired about the process, we have
>found that:
>1. the process changes daily
>2. it is not even clear how much is actually for sale - despite the fact
>the one must put in a bid for 100% or 25% of the "unknown" total
>3. it may not all be sold anyway - that decision has not yet been made
>4. certain 1 or 2 dealers seem more interested in the pr value of actually
>purchasing the stone than a true economic decision would warrant
>5. unlike portalis - this is not even an interesting specimin. Its value is
>in the media hype already. I suggest everyone forget about it. Once there
>is a "bad" deal for dealers, the prices will come down to earth again.
>At 08:36 AM 7/8/98 -0400, JJSwaim wrote:
>> Hello Michael, Geoff and list,  What I see here is not any singular
>>meteorite, but rare and beautiful opportunity to slam dunk the media by
>>making a statement that their hype will not  The statement we can make,
>>using Jim Hurley's idea posted on Sunday which I have attached, is far
>>greater  It is imperative that we cooperate   while the world is watching
>>through the media, whom we just happen to have at our disposal now.  Best
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>>meteorite-list-request@meteoritecentral.com  I have a suggestion to
>>demonstrate our collective power.  The Monahans auction will be starting
>>soon (July 10).  Just don't bid.  Let me say that again - Please - DON'T
>>BID.  One or two dealers may bid on this, but don't participate.  Let a
>>dealer get the piece at a fair price and just buy our part slices from
>>him/her.  It would be outstanding if the auction went with only a single
>>low bid.  (I have to say sorry to those Monahans youths who may be out of a
>>college education because of this. Unlike folks like Mike Farmer, they
>>didn't have to work very hard to get this rock.)  Posted with certain
>>hesitation,    Jim Hurley  PS:  Flame retardant suit has been applied -
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