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Re: [Fwd: Tales From the Dark Side]

Gene Marlin wrote:
> > Hi,     What do they say where you live?  And Yes i think we should give ALL of
> > them another chance or maybe two, this is America right!  mark j.
> Wrong. This list is more than likely globally distributed, and Art is
> free to do whatever he wants with it. It is sort of like assuming that
> if you call up somebody in another country, they have to obey the laws
> of the United States, and you have to obey the laws of his/her country.
> Art can delete whoever he wants for whatever reason he wants, and we
> can't say anything about it. Personally, I think he is just and am in no
> hurry for anybody anywhere who has been removed to be returned. When
> these parties were removed from the list, everything around here
> improved. Considering this, I think we should keep these people on ice
> for a little while longer. This is a list about *meteorites*, not for
> name calling and not for debating freedoms of speech. Art is the
> list-owner, and he does this task well. We should leave that task to
> him.

I agree.

If you can't do the time --- don't do the crime.


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