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Portales Controversy

jim strope schrieb:

> Michael and list:
> If Portales is an H6 and Peekskill is an H6 - Why is portales
> at $25 - per gram outrageous while Peekskill at $75 - per gram
> reasonable?
> Also, all Portales specimens are not the same.
> Just wondering if someone has an answer to this.

To really compare the prices correctly, Jim should not look at what
Peekskill costs in 1998 but what it cost in 1992 or 1993. I got my
Peekskill from David (New) on Feb 22, 1993 and had to pay $18 /gram
then. As the total known mass for Peekskill is lower than for Portales,
I would also expect the prices for Portales to go down a bit if it
really is an ordinary chondrite and not a mesosiderite or something
anomalous. In other words, if it is an ordinary chondrite, Mike's (Mike
Farmer) price is absolutely fair in view of Peekskill, if it is a
mesosiderite or something anomalous, then Mike's price would be
'outrageously' cheap. My opinion!

Best wishes from rainy Germany,


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