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prices etc

Well list, Steven is right about the double dealing. I had several
specimens lined up for a set price when to my surprise, the people
quoted higher prices from other dealers who were trying to buy over the
phone. They were bidding very high prices but knew that the people in
town with the cash would get them but be forced to pay a large amount.
This happened to me several times. Those who did it know who they are. I
have refused to sell a speck to them too!   This is indeed something
that has harmed us all. This fight to get it at all cost. I did pay high
prices but as I said, those who saw them would have paid. Are you saying
that I should have just gone home and waited to buy them for yet higher
prices from some other dealer? We do not live in Oz. They would have
been bought by someone. I am thrilled that I took the time to go there.
I only hope future falls do not come to the same conclusion.
Mike Farmer

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