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Re: Contraversy


Ill bet you anything that Steve Shoner and the others would not have
>driven 10 hours and simply made an offer and then left empty handed
>because the finders would not play nice and sell cheap. I too would have
>preferred to pay much less believe me!  This is not an attack of any
>kind, merely a reply.

Correction, Mike.  I have not gone there, nor do I plan to anytime in
the immediate future.  As for me coming back from trips empty handed
because the seller, in my opinion, demanded too much-- I has happened
quite a bit in the 35 years that I have been collecting.

>    As far as the question of prices are concerned, yes I am selling and
>the price is high. Those who have bought their specimens are all very
>pleased so far! Let us examine some other asking prices here. Shoner
>works very hard and finds lots of Glorietta. That which he sells is at
>full retail price and very expensive. why should it be? He found it thus
>paying nothing for it so he could give it to us very cheap correct?
>WRONG! He charges a fair full price for it because it is valuable and
>nice and he can. Nothing at all wrong with that. It is also over $20.00
>per gram. Very expensive but I guess that is normal. Portales is also
>over $20.00 per gram and yet I hear many people (mostly dealers who have
>none) complaining that it is too much. HMMMMMM any reasoning here?

I must correct you again, Mike.  First my name is Schoner-- now
as for your assertion that I charge "full retail price" for what
I find at Glorieta-- which you say is $20 per/gram-- I have NEVER
charged, or received that price for what I find, or sell from that
site.  The highest I ever priced a piece from Glorieta was $10 per/gm.
And that was for a piece that for years was NSF, 22.5 grams, fully
fusion crusted with some of the most beautiful olivine crystals I
have ever seen in Glorieta.  It went to a guy identifed as "Easytim".

Then there was a really trememdous piece-- 125 grams that went to
Bob Haag.  It was heart shaped, filled with olivine, fusion crusted--
$7.50 per/gram.  

Never have I charged "full retail price" as you say-- and quite a
few of the list members who have bought these from me will know that.

Now just to make a point, at one time I offered the "dealers" what
I found, irons and pallasites, at $5.50 per/gram-- wholesale. 

Never was it "lots" of pieces, as they are too scarece to find "lots"
of them.  

Would the "dealers" go for that-- NO!

Instead they hounded, and hounded, and hounded me as to where I was
finding my pieces.  They even scouted the area out, asking people
out there if they had seen me.  Fortunately, I do not search private
holdings very often as permission is often hard to get.  But anyway,
for years the "dealers" would not buy from me, and if they did they
wanted to "high grade" out what I was offering in wholesale bulk lots.

So-- I sold to my limited (and very loyal) customers direct-- and
not at "full retail price" as you say $20 per/gram.

Now, I have an offer for you Mike, I think you have gotten my list
before-- find where my prices for Glorieta is "$20 per/gram".

I know other "dealers" are charging that price now that they have
finally managned to find some.  

But you ask them how hard it is to find.  Ask Bob Haag how many miles,
and days he put in to get a few paltry grams.

But I'll tell you what I'll do.  

I'll be glad to trade you a nice Glorieta piece, gram for gram with
Portales :>)  (that is if you REALLY think my retail price is the 
same as Portales)


if you want(and I don't have much of it left) you can buy it
for my price, which is 1/3 of what you say is "full retail price"


You can go to Glorieta, search hard for it, and then offer it on your
dealer list for less than my "full retail price".

I would like to see how much you ask per/gram-- so e-mail me a list 
when you do.

Personal attacks aside; I think the Portales situation is the 
result of dealer greed finally rubbing off on the landowners and
finders.  Can't take the heat-- get out of the kitchen, I say.

What goes around comes around is another saying.

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