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Re: New Eucrite / Monahans / Forgiveness

In a message dated 98-07-13 16:35:19 EDT, you write:

 The entire mass of the new eucrite that Matt has been selling was available
 at Phillips this past January for $55,000, or $38/gram.  It failed to meet
 the reserve and did not sell.
 Less than two months ago, a 20.6 gram partial slice of this same meteorite,
 with fusion crust, was offered at Phillips and also failed to hit the
 reserve of $40/gram.
 Yet now $100/gram is eagerly being paid.   
 My point is that before anyone complains about the pricing of meteorites,
 do a little research instead and your efforts may be rewarded. 
 (I possess much of the balance of the eucrite, but per an arrangement with
 Matt, I will not be making any more material available until he sells-out
 his inventory.)
 Prices are more stable than what they might otherwise appear to be despite
 the ridiculous figures being tossed around...which reminds me of a
 vaudevillian joke: >>

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