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Re: Armageddon versus scientific accuracy

In a message dated 10/07/98 01:40:49 BST, you write:

<< Regarding the 2 recent doomsday movies, they weren't documentaries people.
 I did not see "Deep Impact" but want to see "Armageddon"....purely for it's
 entertainment value. Looks like a fun few hours! >>

My thoughts exactly.
Surely we don't take ourselves so seriously that we can't sit and enjoy a
movie just because it's full of scientific impossibilities. If it's a bad
movie, then that's different.
Am I the only one brave enough to admit that I occasionally watch Star Trek?
Phasers on stun, tri-quarters and warp factor 10 ...wonderful stuff, even at
my 37 years.

"Kirk to Enterprise.....very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes!"


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