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Re: Frankenstein's Meteorite Monster...

> We face a much worse problem than our own internal market - investors, the
> people who are just beginning to wake up to the fact that meteorites are Worth
> Something, and are going to move in and snatch them all up and stuff them away
> in safe deposit boxes twenty stories below ground to let them increase in
> value, never seeing the light of day, never being touched

Actually, meteorites are very bad investments. They are expensive and
they decay. Also 30-50 years from now private companies will be selling
pieces of the Moon and Mars as well NEOs--at which point the meteorite
market will go bust, while our successors revel in inexpensive
meteorites (an oxymoron?) as well as no longer having to depend entirely
on the "freebies" arriving here by accident. If investors care anything
about their grandkids, they'll buy mutuall funds or stocks that will
increase in value with age, while meteorites inevitably decrease in
value with age and decay.

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