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Re: How did they make it?

Alexander Seidel schrieb:

> First, how did e.g. that extremely friable BJURBOELE (L4) meteorite
> make
> it to earth? Could it be due to the relatively large mass of the
> intact impactor before breakup at what might have possibly been a very
> late stage ...?

I think so. 328 kg as a single mass may well reach the Earth intact and
then split into several fragments (the largest were 80.2 kg, 21 kg, 18
kg and 17 kg) however friable it is.

> ... why are many of the Saharan meteorites found just laying plainly
> on the ground, sometimes well-oriented with respect to local climate
> conditions, but without any impact signs like small craters?

Most Saharan meteorites have relatively small masses that will perhaps
produce shallow impact holes on hitting the sand or the ground. Violent
desert winds may sooner or later (a) transport and (b) obliterate the
shallow depressions. Please, correct me, these are just my thoughts!

Best wishes,


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