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How did they make it?

Hi folks,

along with that new "cometary meteoroids landing" thread some thoughts
came to my mind: 

First, how did e.g. that extremely friable BJURBOELE (L4) meteorite make
it to earth? Well, according to the Big Blue Book "one stone fell
through sea-ice and broke into fragments". Those fragile fragments
somehow survived total disintegration and are well-represented in our
collections today. Could it be due to the relatively large mass of the
intact impactor before breakup at what might have possibly been a very
late stage....?

And another point in the "how did they make it?" section which I just
wondered about: why are many of the Saharan meteorites found just laying
plainly on the ground, sometimes well-oriented with respect to local
climate conditions, but without any impact signs like small craters?
Maybe the readers who have found many of these in the hot deserts, and I
definitely know some of you listees are among them, can provide an
answer. Of course, I understand this point in the special case of the
Antarctic meteorites in the blue ice fields, but what about those
Saharan meteorites which obviously havenīt moved since they fell? Has
the wind just blown off the former impact structures on the ground, or
what could the true story be?

And finally what about "El Hammami"? Large masses from a recent fall in
Mauretania, now officially located much more to the south than
previously thought, when it was still called "Hammada du Draa". I never
heard of any impact signs for this fall, which truly should exist with
such a big mass. No rumours about that from those nomads who found it at
the site?

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