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Re: "Lights" seen over UK

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> Hi List...

> ** Mystery Z lights seein high in sky **
> "Coastguard stations and the police were flooded with calls from people who
> saw a series of mysterious lights in the sky along the length of Western
> Britain last night.
> Many reported the lights taking the shape of the letter "Z" or number "2".
> An airplane pilot flying to the UK from France later reported seeing a large
> meteorite entering the atmosphere which began breaking up.!"
> Sounds like a classic meteor trail to me... 
> ... anyone on the List see anything? Rob? No chance from here, the sky was
> completely clouded out all night. 

All clouds here in Herfordshire (South East England). No reports of any
sound effects in the above news items...so unlikley anything dropped.
Maybe caused by one of those friable comet like objects.

I have a couple of sketches from Telescopic work for starlight evenings
by William F. Denning, F.R.A.S showing a very similar event. Which took
place on June 8th 1883, seen from the Persain Gulf.

A bright fireball, travelling vertically down leaving at first a narrow
trail, which after 5 minutes looks like a tadpole, after 8 minutes like
a letter M on its side, and which is still visable, but much fainter and
distorted after 39 minutes.

If anyone would like me to email them the illustration, about 50k, then
reply personally to this message. (Trouble at my web site over the last
couple of weeks prevents me from posting an image there).

Eric Hutton

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