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"Lights" seen over UK

Hi List...

In the news this morning...


** Meteorite debris causes UK light show **

"A series of mysterious lights in the sky over Western Britain prompted a
flood of calls to the police overnight.

Mystified residents as far afield as Cornwall and Scotland called in saying
they had seen "fiery letter shapes". But later an airplane pilot flying from
France to the Midlands said he had seen a large meteorite break up. It then
left a trail of debris which was blown by the wind into the shapes seen as
letters from the ground."


** Mystery Z lights seein high in sky **

"Coastguard stations and the police were flooded with calls from people who
saw a series of mysterious lights in the sky along the length of Western
Britain last night.

Many reported the lights taking the shape of the letter "Z" or number "2".

An airplane pilot flying to the UK from France later reported seeing a large
meteorite entering the atmosphere which began breaking up.!"