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Re: UK Meteorite Hunting

Hi Bernd, List... 

In a message dated 7/12/98 4:44:37 BST, you write:

<< Hello Stuart, hello Matt, hello List!
 Wouldn't the remains of Hadrian's Wall also be a good point to start
 Best wishes,
 Bernd! >>

Sure... if I fancied being thrown in jail for a couple of dozen years for
damaging a protected national monument...!!!

Seriously though, Hadrian's Wall is, for the most part, very low and
overgrown, and the exposed bits are just that, exposed, to all the wind and
rain the British weather can throw at them, which is a lot, believe me. Thanks
for the suggestion though, I'll definitely pay attention to dry stone walls
around me from now on...

Stuart A

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