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Re: Meteorite deterioration & weights.

Hi Rob and list,

You bring out good concerns in regards to the weighing of specimens and anyone 
in the selling business should have commercial equipment for doing such that 
should be check (its a requirement in most states). I have a suggestion which 
is good for weighing about 30 to 35 grams and even fractions of a gram. I 
sometimes use a gunpowder scale that is very accurate. When measuring gunpowder 
a few grains more or less can be deadly so you can bet these scales are pretty 
accurate. They measure in grains but that can be divided by 15.4321 to one 
gram. So a one tenth gram piece is pretty easy to get an exact weight on. 
Perhaps even smaller if care is taken an the scale is allowed to settle down. 
My scale has a weight on the end that is turned and is in 1/10 grain intervals 
making it all the more accurate. I am sure that many might have these scales or 
know a friend who has one.

It sounds like if your getting more than you bargained for that even ending up 
on the short end that everything might end up even but weights should be 
carefully measured. Even so people just make mistakes sometimes but that's 
still not a good excuse. Hope this helps some out there.


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