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Re: Asteroid 1992 KD

>I'm doing research and would like to know if anyone knows with what
>institution the discoverers of Asteroid 1992 KD (names are E.F. Helin
>and K.J. Lawrence) are affilicated with--or--are they independent
>astronomers?  NASA's Deep Space 1 spacecraft will perform a flyby of
>this asteroid next year.  Thanks.

Hi Lou,

I personally know both Eleanor Helin and Ken Lawrence, and they work together
at JPL on the NEAT program (Near Earth Asteroid Tracking).  DS1 will 
encounter 1992 KD on July 28, 1999, just shortly after the asteroid passed 
its perihelion point of 1.326 AU from the Sun on July 23.  1992 KD is the 
temporary designation, and Eleanor has told me she will name the asteroid 
prior to DS1's arrival, and I think there will be some kind of
Name The Asteroid contest.  

Ron Baalke

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