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Re: meteorite hunter weapons

<<     i usually carry a smith and wesson model 686 .357 cal. stainless 
 revolver with a 6" barrel while in the field. side holstered, its 
 imposing size usually deters any thoughts of confrontation . with great 
 stopping power(over 550 pounds at 100 yards) , it is still affordable to 
 shoot target practice by using cheapie paper punching .38 special 
 rounds. the weapon is moderately heavy with afair sized underlug to 
 eliminate tip-ups as is common with some of the lighter revolvers. this 
 weapon is very accurate at 100 yards. all   my friends carry .44's with 
 8" barrels but you have to take second mortgage out in order to pay for 
 target practice despite 44's unbeatable stopping power. any input 
 appreciated,  Capt. Harlan Trammell >>

Well, here's my input...

I feel disturbed that a) in the first place, people have found the attack on
our unnamed colleague amusing, and have even made jokes about it (does the
phrase "There but for the grace of God..." not mean anything to you..?) and b)
I've just read a posting which would be more suitable for a gun club mailing
list than a list which deals with the collection and appreciation of

I know my circumstances are rather different - being a Brit and all, who
doesn't have to brave deserts or similar, and I'm sure others on the List
carry weapons with them in the field - but the only inches I want to read
about here are the diameters of meteorites, and  the only weights I want to
read about are the weights of meteorites, thanks. 

"Meteorite hunter weapons"? I always thought our "weapons" were a magnet, a
magnifier and a keen eye...

:-(  Stuart

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