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Re: Metropolitan hits

Jeff Grossman schrieb:

> At 05:15 PM 7/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Does anyone know whether there have been any hits on any major
> >metropolitan cities during the 20th century???  If so - what were the
> consequences? - Mark J. Lerner
> The Tsukuba meteorite shower in 1996 fell in the Tokyo metropolitan
> area, although not in Tokyo proper.  One stone even fell in the
> research complex housing the Geological Survey of Japan!  But these
> were little pebbles, and caused little damage.

Hello All again!

Tsukuba - H5-6 - brecciated - shock veins:

After a luminous meteor and violent detonations, 23 stones totalling
about 800 g (largest 177.5 g) were recovered, including one that
penetrated a roof.

In the late afternoon (about 16:20, Japanese Standard Time) on January
7, 1996, a meteorite shower fell around the city of Tsukuba, Japan (36
03.8 N/140 08.7 E) after the appearance of a luminous fireball,
violent detonations, and several explosions. Stones have been recovered
from 23 places, scattered in a triangular area with sides 6-8 km long.

Best wishes,


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